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Contribute to the best development of fauna and flora by guaranteeing ideal water quality

Maintenance of a basin requires special attention, real know-how, and also an effective water treatment system to preserv water quality and to reproduce the ecosystem of a marine environment as closely as possible, indifferently if freshwater or salt / corrosive water basin.

To avoid algae proliferation and development of diseases caused by a water quality problem, BIO-UV Group provides owners of freshwater and salt-water basins with an effective water treatment system by means of UV-C lamps adapted for disinfection and specifically designed to clarify the water and maintain a biological balance in these basins.

By guaranteeing optimum water quality via the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms and the complete absence of chemical products, UV-C treatment is clearly the ideal solution for this type of application.

With this system, the quality of the water is no longer a concern!