Aquaculture, aquariums and fountains

Guarantee ideal water quality for development of fauna and flora

BIO-UV offers a range of systems for the treatment of all basins: aquaculture, conchyliculture, aquariums and fountains...

The BIO-UV UV-C sterilisers for treating fresh-water, salt-water and corrosive water function in the same way as all the BIO-UV disinfecting devices, i.e. by means of one or more water treatment lamps. The UV-C treatment guarantees bacteriological quality of the water to prevent pathogenic diseases from developing, thereby contributing to the healthy development of fauna and flora.

Disinfection by ultraviolet rays without any chemical product protects the environment, clarifies the water by destroying algae and can be very easily adapted to existing installations.

BIO-UV water treatment is extremely satisfactory for people who are already using it.
This treatment is natural and does not generate any harmful disinfection by-products.