Automatic chlorine-free treatment for bathing comfort

For unbeatable bathing comfort

The BIO-UV natural water treatment system for swimming pools and spas is very simple:

  • a UV-C disinfecting device is fitted to the filtering piping
  • a metering pump, also fitted to the pool water treatment piping, enhances the water disinfecting system
  • finally, as an option, automatic pH control completes the swimming pool's UV-C treatment

Thanks to a UV-C swimming pool lamp, or a UV-C lamp for general water treatment, the water quality is beyond reproach. BIO-UV spa or swimming pool water treatment avoids any need to use a corrosive and aggressive swimming pool product:  this is a chlorine-free treatment.

More than 70,000 swimming pools and spas around the world have already fitted a BIO-UV UV-C system to treat their water.

Find out more too about the Delta UV Stainless Steel and PVC ranges.

Filtering cycle

During the filtering cycle, water circulates inside the BIO-UV water treatment device.

Bacteria, viruses and algae are subjected to the UV-C chlorine-free treatment and destroyed by UV-C lamp radiation, without causing any side effects or creating any harmful by-products.  

BIO-UV guarantees continuous disinfection in the pool between 2 filtering cycles in combination with the UV-C treatment by means of automatic systems that adjust injection of the disinfecting product (BIO-UV residual oxygen, exclusive formula) and pH control without requiring any operator action, according to 3 parameters: 

  • Pool volume
  • Water temperature
  • Water pH

The water is disinfected and disinfects, to prevent the appearance of algae and avoid excess dosing.

UV-C water treatment has many advantages for bathing. It guarantees healthy water, protected against any risk of contamination by micro-organisms present in the water. It is easy to use and very effective, enables you to save money and integrates perfectly into an environment-friendly approach.

Health: risk-free fun bathing

  • No risk of allergies or respiratory diseases caused by chlorine (asthma, etc.). Water quality guarantees healthy bathing
  • No harmful pool products: one simple natural product, BIO-UV residual oxygen, in an exclusive formula


Comfortable: crystal clear, odourless water

  • Say goodbye to eye and mucous membrane irritations, dry skin and damaged hair. Water disinfection guarantees unbeatably comfortable bathing
  • No unpleasant smells in the water or air
  • No chlorine or salt: no chemical residue and avoids corrosion as well as  chlorine derivatives


Sustainable development: an environmental ecological process

  • Healthy process, in widespread use to disinfect natural basins
  • No chlorine, no salt
  • Discharged water does not pollute


Savings: a reliable system

  • Simple and reliable materials: no electronics
  • UV-C lamps have a long operating life (3 years for a seasonal swimming pool)
  • Non corrosive treatment
  • No discolouring, extended operating life of installations
  • No more excessive consumption of chemical products to retrieve water quality


Peace of mind: daily wellness

  • Easy and fast to install and maintain The BIO-UV UV-C treatment for swimming pools does not require any specific adaptation works; it adapts to your water filtering system
  • Compatible with every type of covering, materials, etc. There is a UV-C disinfection system for every pool, whether it is under construction or already exists
  • Continuous disinfection


It automatically injects a small daily dose of disinfecting, algicidal, anti-scale swimming pool product: BIO-UV residual oxygen, exclusive formula.

This comprehensive process combines the action of UV-Cs and residual oxygen to disinfect water and make it a disinfectant, for the greater comfort of bathers. Even in stormy weather, your pool water will not change! The water remains beautiful and stable.

UV-C disinfection combined with the BIO-UV pool product guarantees chlorine-free swimming pool water treatment. This water treatment system is suitable for both swimming pools and spas, whether they are under construction or already exist.

The BIO-UV residual oxygen swimming pool product, with its exclusive formula, is particularly recommended for water treatment of indoor pools and pools that are not used very often (holiday homes).



Control of the pH ensures optimum water upkeep. Skin, eyes and mucous membranes are left in peace. Not only is the water in a swimming pool or spa healthy thanks to the UV-C disinfection system installed on the filtering system, but also it is very agreeable to swim in. 

BIO-UV pH control is very easy to use and allows for precise adjustments. It is combined with UV-C disinfection , is entirely automatic and optimises the efficiency of the UV-C swimming pool treatment and products.

Calcification and cloudy or whitish water are things of the past. The swimming pool water is always crystal clear and beautiful, and the water quality is always perfect.

BIO-UV pH control avoids development of algae and bacteria, independently from treatment of swimming pool or spa water or the BIO-UV residual oxygen swimming pool product with its exclusive formula. It gives you unbeatable bathing comfort.


Combipool: a 2 in 1 automatic system

Combipool is an automatic 2 in 1 system that injects the disinfecting product and controls pH according to 3 parameters:

  • Pool volume
  • Water temperature
  • Water pH


These 3 devices measure the basin parameters (temperature, pH) and inject the optimum quantities of product. No more excess consumption!



All the accessories required to put each device into operation are supplied, so that it can be easily integrated into the basin's filtering piping.


Thanks to proportional pH control, BIO-UV pH Control and Combipool maintain a precise set point threshold and avoid excess dosing.

Discover our solutions
UV Range
UV Range

A range in stainless steel for private pools and spas

Advantages :

  • Automatic system without chlorine
  • Ensures a crystal-clear water
  • Automatic treatment system
  • Optimized Lamps life (13 000 hours)
  • Stainless steel 316L reactors
  • Ecological and healthy process
  • Easy and quick installation and maintenance

Technical specifications :

  • Power supply : 120/240V/50/60Hz
  • Reactor cabinet : INOX 316L
  • Ballast : electronic
  • Lamp : High Output – low pressure (13 000h)
  • Ground protection : yes
  • Lamps working warning light : yes
  • Reactor warranty : 5 years
Delta UV E-Series
Delta UV E-Series

A range in PVC for private pools.

After filtration, the water flows inside the E Standard Delta UV unit and gets out entirely disinfected. The full bacteria, virus and seaweeds are eradicated with no side effect and without any creation of dangerous by-product. You will still need to maintian a small residual of chemicals in your pool in order to destroy any micro-organisms that do not find their way into the UV sanitiser.
This process brings your pool a pure and healthy water.

Specifications :

  • Power supply : 120 / 240V / 50 / 60 Hz
  • Housing : PVC plastic
  • Ballast : electronic
  • Lamp : High output  -  low pressure  -  long life ( 16 000 hours)
  • Pressure gauge : YES
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation : YES
  • Limited warranty : 2 years
  • Plumbing options : 63 mm or 2'' PVC unions
Delta UV EA-Series
Delta UV EA-Series

A range in PVC for private spas

The EA series of DELTA UV sanitisers has been designed to work with your spa with unmatched performance.
DELTA UV provides you with water quality that is unmatched by any sanitisation system available for spas today. A one-time purchase of a UV sanitiser will lower your dependance on chemicals, which saves you money.
The maintenance limits to change a UV lamp that lasts up to 18 months (temperature 32°C, filtration 24 hrs. a day).

EA Series Specifications :

  • Power supply : 120 / 240V / 50 / 60 Hz
  • Housing : special PVC plastic
  • Housing unions : 6'' for housing disassembly to facilitate easy cleaning of the quartz tube
  • Ballast : electronic
  • Lamp : high output  -  low pressure  -  long life (13 hours)
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation : YES
  • Limited warranty : 2 years UV unit
  • 63 mm or 2'' PVC unions
  • Plumbing options : 3/4 unions
Metering pump: BIO-UV Tempo
Metering pump: BIO-UV Tempo

Entirely automated, the BIO-UV Tempo controls the daily hardness active oxygen injections according to water temperature.

  • Cabinet 240x190x140 mm : can be hung and unhitched unlimitedly from the paddle clamp
  • Supply : 230V/50 HZ
  • Power : 8W max
  • Protection indication : IP54
  • Measuring pump outlet : 1,4 L/hour
  • Measuring pump outlet pressure : 1,0 bar
  • Temperature Probe Entrance
  • Hight light display

Measuring pump BIO-UV Tempo main advantages :

  • Simplicity : The BIO-UV Tempo enables to adjust,without any kind of manipulation, the active oxygen injection according to water temperature and volume…
  • Savings : The BIO-UV Tempo injects the perfect product quantities according to pond parameters (volume and temperature)…
  • Easy to install : All the essential accessories are furnished with the unit. BIO-UV Tempo can be easily integrated to any filtration circuit.

The BIO-UV Tempo pump provides all qualities of a measuring pump but in a small size. Easy to use, it enables to set the daily injection duration with a unique potentiometer.
Very practical, it can be hung and unhitched unlimitedly from the paddle clamp to make the access and the adjustments easy.

From now on, the injection pipe and temperature probe are integrated into a unique paddle clamp, facilitating the installation. This one is suitable to temperature probes as well as pH probes and it fits onto pipes diameters (50 or 63 mm).

Entirely automated, the BIO-UV Tempo controls the daily hardness active oxygen injections according to water temperature and it always guaranteeing you a clear and healthy water.

In a word, the BIO-UV Tempo measuring pump includes an electronic card without lead or mercury in perfect line with environment.

BIO-UV pH control
BIO-UV pH control

This automatic pH regulation enables to continuously keep an ideal pH level in the pond.

  • Very simple to use
  • Silent motor engine
  • Pre-calibrated regulation system
  • pH+ and pH- programmable
  • Probe quality display
  • Proportional regulation maintaining the required pH level
  • Easy to install, accessories are furnished
  • Compatible with all type of treatments
  • Cabinet protection IP65
  • CE-certified

This unit is in accordance with the ROHS standard (electronic card without lead or mercury).

The Combipool
The Combipool

The Combipool is an automatic 2-in-1 system which combines disinfection product injectionand pH regulation. COMBIPOOL is the essential complement to BIO-UV/DELTA-UV water treatment.

The Combipool2 is an automatic 2-in-1 system which combines at the same time disinfection product injection and pH regulation according to 3 parameters : pool volume, temperature, water pH.
The Combipool2 offers a 4-in-1 muff which combines probes and injection pipes.

COMBIPOOL’s main advantages :

  • Simplicity : COMBIPOOL enables to adjust the disinfection product injection (BIO-UV active oxygen…) and the pH regulation without any manipulation.
  • Easy to install : All the essential accessories are furnished with the unit. COMBIPOOL can be easily integrated to any filtration circuit.
  • Savings : COMBIPOOL assesses the pond parameters (temperature, pH…) and injects the perfect products quantities. No more overconsumption !
  • Safety : Thanks to proportional pH regulation, Combipool holds a precise assigned threshold and avoids overdoses.

Technical specifications :

  • For 150 m3 max pond volume
  • Measuring pump exit : 2,4L/h
  • Power : 10 W max
  • Exit pressure : 1 Bar
  • 4-in-1 muff which combines injection pipes and probes
BIO-UV remanent oxygen
BIO-UV remanent oxygen

BIO-UV active oxygen is an exclusive formula.

  • Product without chlorine
  • Automatic injection from BIO-UV Tempo measuring pump or from the COMBIPOOL and in accordance with the pool volume and the water temperature
  • Injection protocol available in the BIO-UV or DELTA unit explanatory leaflet

Packaging : 10 or 20 liters can

BIO-UV Choc +
BIO-UV Choc +
  • Powerful oxidant with hydrogen peroxide
  • Bactericide
  • Virucidal
  • Algicide
  • Dosage : 1 liter / 10 m3 : to pour directly in the pool in the face of backflow and with active filtration.

Packaging : 10 liters can

BIO-UV winter treatment
BIO-UV winter treatment
  • Algicide
  • Limestone sequestering (limit the deposits)

Packaging : 5 liters can

BIO-UV special algicide
BIO-UV special algicide
  • Anti-seaweed very concentrated
  • Particularly active on seaweed wall
  • Do not forget to adjust pH between 7 and 7,4
  • Dosage : 1 liter / 10 m3

 Packaging : 5 liters can

BIO-UV pH minus
BIO-UV pH minus
  • Enables to reduce the pool water pH 
  • Must be used alone or with an automatic regulation (BIO-UV PH REGUL)
  • Dosage :

Initial pH







Minus pH (liters)







Packaging : 10 or 20 liters can

BIO-UV Filter Clean
BIO-UV Filter Clean
  • Cleaner
  • Descaler
  • Eradicates stains and residues in sand filters
  • Cleans in depth cartridge, sand or diatom filters
  • Must be used at least once a year, during 24 hours
  • Refer to resumption protocol for the dilution and use advices

Packaging : 5 liters can