Ballast water treatment

BIO-SEA is a range of complete systems combining mechanical filters and UV-C treatment for ballast water treatment

What is ship’s ballast? What are ballast water used for?

Ships are designed with an optimal waterline that depends on shape and weight. The more weight you put in the ship, the higher the waterline will be on the ship’s hull.
Yet, the optimal waterline ensures safe balancing and prevents ship from keeling over.
Ballasts are huge water tanks located all around the ship in specific spots and allow to increase the ship’s weight in order to keep the optimal waterline.

ballast water cycle

So, ballast water is used for balancing the ship and maintain the waterline at its optimal level. When the ship has been loaded, if its overall weight is lesser than its maximum weight, ballasts need to be filled until getting in enough water to reach the optimal waterline.

Why ballast water has to be treated? What are the invasive species?

Ships are carrying water in their ballasts all around the world, they are ballasting (pumping out water) from one port and they are de-ballasting (discharging back to the sea) in a different port with a different marine eco-system.

The problem is, they are discharging invasive species. Those species are qualified as “invasive” as they do not have any predators in the environment where they have been discharged. So then, they are spreading and may cause huge damages (bridge collapse, pollution) but also diseases. For instance, in 1992, 20 000 people died after Cholera spreading related to a ship’s ballast water discharging.

In order to prevent such disaster and health issues, ballast water need to be treated before being discharged back to sea.

What are the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and the USCG BWM Regulation?

Before the IMO BWM Convention entered into force in 2017, there were no regulation frame in terms of ballast water. Since then, ships are required to be equipped with approved ballast water treatment system according the IMO BWM standards.
Since the USA have adopted more restraining standards than IMO, ships sailing in US waters need to be compliant with the USCG Ballast Water Management Regulation and therefore be equipped with an USCG Type Approved BWT system.
(Learn more about ballast water management international regulation)

BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system: BIO-UV Group’s IMO and USCG type approved solution combining filtration and ultraviolet disinfection

BIO-UV Group has designed the BIO-SEA solution which is a chemical-free BWT system that combines mechanical filters and UV-C treatment. BIO-SEA system has been type approved by the IMO and the USCG (only a few competitors have these 2 certifications).

Certifications des systèmes BIO-SEA

BIO-SEA solution can treat flow-rates from 30 to more than 2,000 m3/h automatically and cost-efficiently (energy-consumption is adjusted according to the quality of the water to treat). There is a quick return on investment. BIO-SEA ranges are simple to install and monitoring while being adaptable, compact, competitive and highly efficient.

BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA skid ballast water treatment system

(Discover all the benefits)BIO-UV Group offers maritime operators (OEMs, shipyards, retailers, etc.) a complete system and support service.


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BIO-SEA solutions
BIO-SEA solutions
Since 2011, BIO-UV Group offers complete systems for ship's ballast water treatment which features both mechanical filtration and UV disinfection, without any chemical treatment whatsoever. 
There are 2 versions and both can treat flow-rates from 30 to 2000 m3/h per ballast pump.
The BIO-SEA skid version is dedicated to New Building. 
BIO-SEA skid ballast water treatment system
The BIO-SEA modular version is dedicated to retrofit.
BIO-SEA retrofit ballast water treatment system