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A handy & light product to disinfect all surfaces (desks, counters, tables, chairs ...)

BIO-SCAN® Light: the ideal system for safely disinfecting any surface in perfect safety!

BIO-SCAN Light is an innovatise french system for disinfecting surfaces by ultraviolets (UV-C). Easy to use, very handy, this device can treat all types of surfaces (small and medium surfaces, equipment, utensils, objects, etc.).

BIO-SCAN® Light, an ideal uv-c disinfection solution suitable for many sectors of activity and use cases:

  • Communities: nurseries and schools, libraries and medias libraries, sports halls, etc,...
  • Health sector: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical, dental and hysiotherapy practices, ambulances, ... Download the file here
  • Shops and public places: restaurant rooms (tables, chairs, buffets, etc.), bedrooms (furniture, curtains, safe, switches, handle, etc.), reception desk, elevator, checkouts, changing rooms, showcases, cloakrooms, etc.
  • Maritime sector: dashboards, passenger cabins, public living areas, navigation instrumentations, ... Download the file here
  • Commercial sector: cash registers, counters, fitting rooms, showcases, cloakrooms,...
BIO-SCAN Light is certified to AFNOR standard NF T72-281 by 2 independent laboratories. It destroys 99,999% of bacteria and 99,99% of viruses, including SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19).

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the Advantages of BIO-SCAN® light: a certified process whose efficiency is proven, including on sars-cov-2

Certified process with demonstrated efficacy against SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19)

  • An ultra-rapid treatment time of few seconds for effective disinfection of all your surfaces!
  • A pratical and complete concept: the transport case with thermoformed foam supplied with the BIO-SCAN allows you to carry it everywhere. For added convenience, a trolley is available (an option with BIO-SCAN Mobile). We also provide the electrical box with hour meter, the various power cords, one mask and a pair of protective gloves.
  • An ergonomic and easy-to-use solution thanks to its adjustable handle. BIO-SCAN Light can be used and handled very easily by anyone.
  • A disinfection process that does not require the use of chemicals for environmentally friendly disinfection, without side effects or health risks.
  • Economical, the purchase price of the BIO-SCAN Light is very reasonable for rapid amortizaton !

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customer testimonials

Vincent DOMERGUE, Director of the Social and Solidarity association RELAIS (France)

We have acquired the complete BIO-SCAN Light range from Bio-UV Group in order to be able to meet the demands of our customers and to have an ease of intervention on our customers' sites to carry out disinfections in an emergency and that without products. chemical. The manoeuvrability of the systems allows us to easily intervene in all sizes of buildings. In addition, our employees immediately felt comfortable with the handling of the three devices. We are extremely satisfied with the BIO-SCAN devices.

Kilbryde Hospice (Scotland)

The BIO-SCAN Light eliminates at least 99,99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses (including Sars-Cov2) therefore it is a great addition to have in the Hospice especially in the current times. The BIO-SCAN Light is convenient, ergonomic and easy to use which is a real bonus. On behalf of everyone at Kilbryde Hospice, we thank Triogen for their continued support, it is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in enabling us to continue to support our patients, their families and our local community.

Claudine ROL, Masseuse-Physiotherapist in Montpellier (France)

The BIO-SCAN Light is very easy to use and secures both my professional activity and the health of my patients. I use it to disinfect all my devices several times a day, but also to disinfect doors, toilets, fabrics, chairs, shoes, towels, etc. I installed the BIO-SCAN Light in the middle of my practice, in a pretty basket placed in my reception room, so that my patients can see it and be reassured.

Pierre SOUJOL, Mayor of the city of Lunel (France)

The town of Lunel has equipped its 13 schools with the BIO-SCAN system. To have such a technology invented in Lunel which allows us to save time and ensure safe disinfection against Covid-19, we should not do without. It is essential for me and my team to ensure the health safety of students from Lunel and their teachers, but also of municipal staff who work in schools.

Claude Martinez, PCA of the KIABI store in Lunel (France)

We equipped ourselves with BIO-SCAN very early on, during the 1st containment. Indeed, for the reopening of the store, we only had 13 fitting rooms and the sanitary disinfection obligations took a long time and involved two employees. Disinfection with BIO-SCAN only takes a few minutes, it is easy to set up and above all this device ensures total and effective disinfection! We have gained time and safety. We were able to reassure our customers. We can only congratulate ourselves on having chosen BIO-SCAN.