The BIO-UV reactors in the DW range have been developed to meet the most stringent requirements for the production of drinking water. They can be used to disinfect raw water (from wells, catchment systems etc.) and guarantee that water bacteriological quality limits are met in accordance with the Order dated 25/12/2003, before distribution in public drinking water systems.

They can also be used in pre-treatment, either to reduce the use of oxidizing biocidal agents and, therefore, the by-products of oxidation, or to treat specific micro-organisms (particularly Cryptosporidium and Giardia).


  • High quality of manufacture and high disinfecting performance
  • Inlet and outlet sanitary sampling valves
  • Use of amalgam low pressure lamps to achieve required performance levels irrespective of the temperature of the water (particularly cold mountain water)
  • Dedicated electronic ballasts guaranteeing maximum lamp UV efficiency and integrated control
  • UV monitoring sensor complying with Austrian standard ÖNORM providing correct continuous operation of the sanitizer n LCD display of UV intensity,
  • Personalization of reactors according to the installation, operation and maintenance constraints (diameter of flanges, inlet/outlet positioning, vertical/horizontal reactor, etc.)
  • Single-base lamps and patented sealing system for an easy maintenance

In view of the public health challenges associated with the production of drinking water, the BIO-UV Group proposes a UV disinfection system that guarantees an optimal quality of water and meets the strictest requirements when it comes to the treatment of water destined for human consumption.


  • Treatment that is simple to use: Reduces the handling of chlorine and monitoring. It is therefore particularly well- suited to rural communities with diversified water resources
  • Physical treatment with no change in the physico-chemical quality of the water: the original taste and smell of the water are preserved, improving the image of environmentally conscious communities
  • Disinfection by UV enables the treatment of chlorine-resistant parasites liable to have an adverse effect on human health
  • Economic investment and operation
  • Reactors certified accordind to ÖNORM M 5873-1