Treatment of industrial water

BIO-UV Group water purification units are designed to treat industrial process water. They provide operators with the ability to protect their production and guarantee satisfactory water quality. Principal applications for BIO-UV water purification units include:

  • Disinfection of industrial process water
  • Disinfection of wash and rinse water
  • Downstream protection of membrane filtration systems (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, etc.)
  • Maintaining stored water quality: raw water, treated water, ultra-pure water
  • Dechlorination: to reduce free chlorine levels
  • Dechloramination: to reduce combined chlorine levels

Prevention of Legionella

Legionella is found everywhere in the environment. It develops especially well in cooling towers and domestic hot water systems. The production of aerosols contaminated by Legionella is a risk factor for public health.

BIO-UV Group has developed a preventive treatment against Legionella aimed at building a genuine bacteriological barrier every time a risk factor is identified:

  • UV treatment of intake water
  • UV treatment of circulating water
  • UV treatment coupled with a prophylactic treatment of biofilms


Home disinfection

BIO-UV Group reactors in the IBP HO + range ensure:

  • Disinfection of raw water from local sources (wells, forages, intakes, etc.)
  • Protection of tap water, after dechlorination using activated carbon in particular
  • Protection of recycled rainwater for domestic use only

BIO-UV Group reactors guarantee compliance with the bacteriological quality of water requirements (in accordance with the Decree of 25/12/2003) and comply with the French Ministry of Health Directive regarding UV treatment. Pre-filtering may be necessary.


  • Excellent disinfection performances with significant optimisation of UV emissions and hydraulic flow
  • Compact reactors for easy installation
  • Use of single-base lamps, a patented sealing system, and a vertical design for easy maintenance
  • Optional UV sensor and monitor, featuring an alarm through diodes and dry contacts for information reporting
  • Customised connection possible: DN flanges, clamp, SMS
  • Advanced Oxidation Process combination with catalysts
  • Optimised lamp life: 13,000 hours depending on number of switch-ons


Reactor operation is continuously controlled

  • The electronic ballast ensures lamps and associated alarms operate properly
  • A selective UV sensor monitors lamp life
  • Monitors fouling of quartz sleeves
  • Monitors water quality and associated alarms
  • Sensor data can be recorded to ensure traceability of reactor operation.



  • Easy-to-implement treatment that does not alter the physical-chemical characteristics of the water: no change in taste, odour, etc.
  • No creation of disinfection by-products harmful to human health
  • No risk of under- or over-dosing
  • No chemical monitoring or handling constraints
  • Can be used in combination with other treatment processes (filtration, softening, etc.)
  • Advanced Oxidation Process with presence of catalysts
  • Proven efficacy against Legionella recognized by independent, accredited laboratories
  • Effective in the preventive treatment of cooling towers and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) systems by a targeted and strategic use of UVs according to each installation
  • Guaranteed continuous disinfection in possible combination with other water treatment systems (anti-scaling, anti-corrosion, etc.)
  • Simple and economical treatment.