The BIO-UV Group has developed units using the most advanced UV technology for the tertiary treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater disinfection.


The BIO-UV treatment makes it possible to :

  • Protect the environment downstream of wastewater treatment plant discharges, especially in areas devoted to bathing, white water sports, fishing, and aquaculture activities.
  • Reuse treated wastewater for crop irrigation, watering green areas and golf courses, or industrial processes (wash water, etc.).

The BIO-UV Group proposes low pressure technology and different types of reactors in order to adapt to treatment goals and installation and maintenance constraints. In some cases, pre-filtering (on sand bed) may be necessary.


  • UV control sensor meeting the Austrian ÖNORM standard ensures the continuous and proper operation of the UV reactor
  • LCD display of UV intensity, remote management via 4-20 mA outlet
  • Reactors can be customised according to installation, operational, and maintenance constraints (flange diameter, inlet/outlet position)
  • Horizontal installation of the reactor
  • Single-base lamps and patented sealing system for easy maintenance
  • Automatic quartz sleeve cleaning system with no dismantling (as standard)
  • UV lamp output can be regulated
  • Lamp life: 16,000 hours



  • Continuous treatment and immediate efficacy of disinfection: bacteria is destroyed in the reactor. Because of this, no holding time is required after the disinfection phase
  • No creation of disinfection by-products likely to pollute the environment or limit reuse of the water (case of chlorine or ozone)
  • Simple technology, economical in terms of initial investment and operating costs, especially compared with membrane systems
  • Automated quartz sleeve maintenance and cleaning guarantees BIO-UV equipment effectiveness
  • Continuous monitoring of disinfection effectiveness with remote management to meet operating needs