Home disinfection

BIO-UV Group reactors in the UV HOME range provide pure water at home thanks to filters combined with an ultraviolet water disinfection system. This home treatment solution:

  • disinfects raw water from local sources (wells, boreholes, intakes, etc.)
  • protects tap water, after dechlorination using activated carbon in particular
  • protects recycled rainwater for domestic use only

BIO-UV Group reactors guarantee compliance with the bacteriological quality of water requirements (in accordance with the Decree of 25/12/2003) and comply with the French Ministry of Health Directive regarding UV treatment. Pre-filtering may be necessary.

UV HOME Kit (Packs of 2 or 3 filters) The kit includes:

  • A UV unit and its electrical box
  • The corresponding filters and cartridges
  • A mounting bracket (UV + filters)
  • Hoses
  • Valves
  • All connections required for assembly

UV HOME units 2 and 3 are also available individually.


  • Teflon sensor limits sensor fouling and therefore reduces maintenance operations
  • Independent box delivered with 1.5 m of cable: makes it easy to install and prevents heating risk
  • Easy maintenance operation: yearly calibration with a potentiometer accessible from the front
  • Compact reactor for easy installation
  • Independent electrical box for wall mount
  • Inlet/outlet in L shape mount with inlet under the body and outlet at the end of the reactor
  • Simple technology, economical in terms of initial investment and operating costs


  • Easy-to-implement treatment that does not alter the physical-chemical characteristics of the water:
  • No change in taste, odour, etc.
  • No creation of disinfection by-products harmful to human health
  • No risk of under- or over-dosing
  • No chemical monitoring or handling constraints
  • Can be used in combination with other treatment processes (filtration, softening, etc.)