Certifications and qualifications

Certifications and qualifications
Our certifications : a necessity and a recognition

Everyday, BIO-UV Group aims at improving the quality and performance of our products. Being type approved both on national and international levels represents the completion of a continuous work, based on an evolution process for the preservation of water quality.

With its technological lead, BIO-UV Group was the first company and the unique French maker to be certified by the French Ministry of Health Services for the dechloramination since 2004. BIO-UV Group is also the only company to be certified for the low and medium pressure.

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In 2003, BIO-UV developed and patented a special range of products for disinfecting and dechloraminating commercial pools and spas because, in most countries, chlorine remains mandatory as a disinfectant. So far, more than 4 000 commercial pools & spas in Europe have been equipped with UV-C treatment, for the total satisfaction of their users and operators and for a healthier environment.

Many advantages :

  • greater comfort for bathers
  • better image of the pool in terms of water treatment safety
  • quick return on investment
  • strict respect of reglementations in each country
  • bathers' and staff protection
  • a real action of sustainable development

BIO-UV water purifiers are certified by the French Ministry of Health Services for Uv disinfection and dechloramination (chloramines destruction) since November 2004. BIO-UV is ISO 9001 certified. Many systems are also CE, NSF, ÖNORM and ACS UV certified.

All ranges are NSF-50 certified and Cryptosporidium evaluated. Testing measures for certification are above the usual required standard in order to deliver an optimal efficiency level of microorganisms’ reduction such as bacteria, viruses, Crypto, Giardia, etc. which are not eliminated by chlorine and ozone at usual level.

Water treatment is subjected to strict normative rules. Each BIO-UV reactor is therefore being tested and meets the strictest requirements of efficiency and reliability.

All BIO-UV systems include one or more certified UV lamps, in order to provide with an increasingly effective water treatment without any risk for your health.

Our systems are :

- certified by the French Ministry of Health Services (commercial pools and drinking water)

- EEC and UL/CA certified (for USA and Canada)

- some of our ranges are NSF, ONORM and ACS UV certified