Commercial pools & spas

Reconcile water treatment with environment of quality
Today most commercial pools or spas are treated using chlorinated products. These are strong desinfectant but generate by-products which are harmful to health. BIO-UV water treatment systems, designed for UV desinfection and dechloramination,  eradicate chloramines which are responsible for respiratory illnesses.

Fort de son avance technologique, BIO-UV was the first company that the French Ministry of Health Services has certified for dechloramination with Medium Pressure (MP) in 2004.
Since 2013 the company has been certified as well for its range with Low Pressure (LP) lamps.
Thus BIO-UV is the only one French manufacturer with a certification for both technologies.

BIO-UV takes part in EHQ approach : Environmental High Quality. Its a voluntary management approach of environmental quality in building construction or rehabilitation operations.
Its aims are the following:

  • control any impact on the external environment
  • create a satisfying internal environment