Commercial pools and spas for professionals

Take advantage of the BIO-UV technology, the only French manufacturer approved by the Ministry of Health for dechloramination by medium and low pressure UV-C lamps

In most countries, chlorine is still the mandatory disinfectant product for commercial pools and spas. However it generates chloramines which are harmful for both bathers and personnel.

In order to solve this issue using an appropriate UV-C swimming pool treatment, BIO-UV has been developing and patenting a specific range for dechloramination of spas and swimming pools in hotels, campings, fitness centers, thermal baths,... since 2003.

Chloramines or combined chlorine are responsible for respiratory infections and eyes irritation that affect lifeguards,  sporting swimmers, baby swimmers… UV effect create the safest conditions again.

On the strength of its technological expertise, BIO-UV was the first company to be approved by the Ministry of Health for medium pressure (MP) dechloramination in 2004.
In 2013 it was also approved for these devices equipped with low pressure lamps (BP).
BIO-UV is therefore the only French manufacturer to have obtained this approval for these 2 technologies.

Both ranges have been certified NSF 50. Testing measures for certification are above the usual required standard in order to deliver an optimal efficiency level of microorganisms’ reduction such as bacteria, viruses, Crypto, Giardia, etc. (which are not eliminated by chlorine andozone at usual level).

BIO-UV participates in the HQE approach: French acronym for High Environmental Quality. This is a voluntary environmental quality management approach for construction and building renovation operations.
Its aim is to:

  • control impact on the external environment
  • create a satisfactory internal environment

BIO-UV is a technical partner of the French Swimming Federation