A complete system to treat water, re-use it and consume it

Filter and treat your water at home

For anybody who wants to quickly acquire an effective system for domestic disinfection  or re-use of rainwater, the UV HOME KIT comprises all the elements necessary for installation and use.

The UV HOME KIT is complete and simple to put into operation. It guarantees  perfect disinfection without any risks for humans or the environment.


The UV HOME KIT combines several water filters and a disinfecting  device fitted with a UV-C lamp.

The water is first filtered and then passes through the device. It is exposed to type C ultraviolet rays and emerges completely healthy: it is now ready to be consumed or re-used, but for sanitary use only in the case of collected rainwater.

UV-C treatment: simple, safe and saves money

Thanks to the UV-C technology, BIO-UV gives you a guaranteed, effective, environment-friendly solution without any chemical products, to make water from wells/boreholes/intakes safe to drink and enable to re-use rainwater. Like UV treatment for swimming pools or any other application, UV disinfection for drinking water has many advantages:

  • The treatment is simple to implement,
  • Modest initial investment and economic to run,
  • The physical and chemical characteristics of the water are not altered: the original taste and smell of the water remain intact,
  • No by-product is created harmful to human health by UV disinfection when purifying the water,
  • There is no risk of insufficient or excess doses,
  • No need to monitor and handle chemical products,
  • The drinking water does not constitute a hazard (no risk of legionellosis, etc.)

Finally, the BIO-UV water disinfection device is compatible with other water management systems: filtering, softeners, etc.

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UV Home Kit
UV Home Kit

Adapted to anyone who wants to settle quickly an efficient drinking water system or a rainwater reuse system.

The UV Home kit includes all the necessary elements for installation and use.

  • Complete offer, easy installation
  • Economical and efficient technology
  • No creation of harmful by-products
  • No risk of overdosage or under-dosing
  • No necessary handling
  • Possible mixing with a water softener.

Every UV Home Kit includes, according to the chosen model :

  • A disinfection unit and its electrical cabinet,
  • Filters and corresponding cartridges,
  • A holding bracket (UV + filters) ,
  • Flexible hoses,
  • Valves,
  • All the necessary links for the assembling.