Domestic drinking water for human consumption

Use ultraviolet light to make water originating from the mains, wells, boreholes, intake structures, safe to use for human consumption

Ultraviolet treatment is the safest method for disinfecting water to be used for human consumption.

The BIO-UV water treatment devices guarantee compliance with the bacteriological requirements (in accordance with the decree of 25/12/2003) and comply with the Ministry of Health Directive concerning UV treatments.
Preliminary filtering may be necessary.

BIO-UV reactors are used to:

  • make untreated water originating from local resources (wells, boreholes, intakes, etc.) drinkable
  • make mains water safe to use, after dechlorination on active carbon in particular
  • make recycled rainwater safe to use, for sanitary purposes only

The water is healthy. Type C UV rays do not modify the water. Treatment by ultraviolet light does not involve any product; it is natural, direct and radical.

For anybody who wants to quickly acquire an effective system for domestic disinfection or re-use of rainwater, the UV HOME KIT comprises all the elements necessary for installation and use. It is complete and simple to put into operation. It guarantees perfect disinfection without any risks for humans or the environment, in the same way as the ranges that make water from the mains safe to drink.


These devices are dimensioned according to the flow-rate to treat, because it is the combination of the contact time in the reactor and the power of the lamp(s) (UV-C lamp for water treatment) which will make it possible to guarantee a necessary and sufficient dose (expressed in mJ/cm²) to ensure UV-C disinfection and eradication of 99.9% of the micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, suspended algae, etc.).

The UV HOME KIT combines several water filters and a disinfection device equipped with a UV-C lamp. The water is first filtered and then passes through the device.
It is exposed to type C ultraviolet rays and emerges completely healthy: it is now ready to be consumed or re-used, but for sanitary use only in the case of collected rainwater.

This kit's reactor uses the same technology as all the devices designed to make mains water safe to use. It consists in reproducing the natural phenomena of so-called invisible light, ultraviolet light inside the BIO-UV water treatment devices by means of powerful lamps that emit type C UV rays.