Drinking water

Make water destined for human consumption safe to use


Simplicity, safety and savings

Thanks to the UV-C technology, BIO-UV offers you an effective, environment-friendly economical solution to make water from wells/boreholes/intakes safe to drink. UV-C disinfection for drinking water has many advantages, in the same way as the UV-C treatment for swimming pools or any other application :

  • Simple to deploy
  • It limits handling of chlorine and surveillance, and is therefore particularly suitable for rural municipalities that have different types of water resources
  • It disinfects untreated water and guarantees compliance with the bacteriological quality limits as defined by the applicable standards, before the water is distributed
  • It eliminates specific micro-organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia
  • The physical and chemical characteristics of the water are not altered. The original taste and smell of the water are preserved, protecting the image of municipalities concerned to protect their environment
  • No UV-C disinfection by-product harmful to human health is created
  • UV-C disinfection is perfectly safe. Drinking water does not represent a risk (no risk of legionellosis, etc.)
  • Modest investment and economical to run. Water treatment is carried out in addition to existing filtering systems or use of chlorine

Finally, the BIO-UV water reactors are compatible with additional water management systems: filtering, softening, etc.