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Water treatment system for Freshwater & seawater

Ensure water is healthy and clear in freshwater and salt-water ponds

BIO-UV Group has developed and patented a range of specific water treatment systems for UV-C disinfection in freshwater and salt-water ponds.

  • For aquaculture, fish farming, aquariums, our products are designed to optimise water quality for hatchery, nursery & grow-out facilities
  • For wellboats, our systems are designed for fish welfare, biosafety and system redundancy to protect valuable cargo

Our reactors maintain the biological balance of the basins and meet the most severe requirements for professionals in order to optimize their operations in complete safety.

The water quality is irreproachable and guarantees a basin without danger to allow the development of plants and fish.


PRINCIPlE of uv treatment

Our UV-C devices work like all BIO-UV disinfection devices, with one or more UV-C lamp(s) for water treatment.

The UV-C treatment guarantees the bacteriological quality of the water while respecting the flora and fauna and preventing the development of pathogenic diseases. No chemicals are used, it is a natural treatment which clarifies the water by destroying the algae and adapts very easily to the installations in place. 

Eradicates and destroys viruses (IPNV, VHS, IHN), Protozoa (white spot), Bacteria, Fungi, etc.

The reactors, located on the filtration circuits, treat at each passage and continuously the flow rate considered as a function of the turbidity and transmittance indicated. Microorganisms are eradicated without any addition of chemicals. The water is healthy and perfectly crystalline.

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Ecology: an innovation for sustainable development

  • Healthy disinfection process, without the addition of harmful or chemical products
  • Ensures a healthy and safe environment for fauna and flora
  • Garantees of healthy crystal-clear water without proliferation of algae or pathogenic microorganisms

Economy: a secure, reliable and simple concept

  • UV treatment devices adapted to the flow rates
  • devices that take into account the specific turbidity of the water: guaranteed effectiveness for penetration of UV-C rays, power in millijoules delivering true effectiveness right to the end of the operating life of UV-C water treatment lamps, and guaranteeing effective destruction of unwanted micro-organisms (particularly certain viruses)
  • Continuous follow-up for professional customers
  • A simple design, facilitating maintenance, easy and quick to install


They trust us

The ultraviolet water treatment systems designed and manufactured by BIO-UV Group gives complete satisfaction to those who already use it.
More than 8,000 basins are equipped with BIO-UV reactors around the world, including the aquariums in La Rochelle, Montpellier and Le Grau du Roi in France, the Bioantu Basin in Chile or even  the first sanctuary for belugas, Sea Life Trust, in Iceland.

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Discover our solutions
UV Range
UV Range

The reactors, fitted to the filtration circuits, continually treat the flow rate (decided according to indicated turbidity and transmission) each time it flows through. All micro-organims are thus destroyed without any addition of chemicals. The water is thus healthy and crystal clear.

  • UV-C 316L stainless steel treatment units adapted to UV-C water treatment lamps stemming from the lastest technologies with high intensity performance,
  • Very long lifetime : around 13 000 hours per lamp according to the number of switching
  • Dedicated electronic ballast ensuring the maximal UV-C efficiency of lamps and integrated check,
  • UV-C treatment water lamps and patented watertightness system facilitating the maintenance
  • Lamps working control  with individualized indicator lights,
  • Reduced head losses 
  • Entrance/Exit binding with furnished links
  • Drain valve
  • Fixing attachements,

Maintenance : easy and quick change of the lamps and cleaning of the the quartz sleeve

HDPE Range
HDPE Range

This specific range of reactors has developped and patented for professionals. HDPE range meets the strictest requirements for the disinfection of salt and/or corrosive water in aquaculture, pisciculture, aquariums, enabling them to safely optimise their operations.

  • HDPE reactor: guaranteed long-lasting corrosion protection UV
  • The reactor considers the specific turbidity of water: ensure effective passage of UV rays
  • HDPE water sterilization systems adapted to UV-C water treatment lamps stemming from lastest technologies with high intensity performance. This reactor has designed to treat flow rates of 0.5 to 1,000 m3/h
  • Performance in milijoules that delivers true effectiveness until Lamp replacement and guarantees the effective destruction of unwanted micro-organisms (certain viruses in particular)
  • Very long lifetime : around 13 000 hours per lamp according to the number of switching,
  • Dedicated electronic ballast ensuring the maximal UV-C efficiency of lamps and integrated check,
  • UV-C treatment water lamps and patented watertightness system facilitating the maintenance,
  • Lamps working control  with individualized indicator lights,
  • Reduced head losses,
  • Entrance/Exit binding with furnished links,
  • Drain valve,
  • Fixing attachements.

The design is simple for a quickly installation and easy maintenance: easy and quick change of the lamps and cleaning of the the quartz sleeve.
Permanent support provided to professional customers.

Integra Range
Integra Range

The UV Integra range has designed for the disinfection of intake, discharge and recirculating effluents at fish farmes and on Well Boats

This UV system eliminates pathogens with powerful dose of UV light delivrered by strategically placed medium pressure UV lamps. It has manufactured to ISO 9001:2015, certified by Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) and CE certified. 

  • Improves algae control
  • Savings in water, energy and chemical consumption
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for land and sea based facilities
  • Low capital and installation costs with minimal service and plant room space required
  • Highly resistant to corrosion attack
  • Automatic energy adjustment from 30-100% of full power
  • Polychromatic 8000 hours medium pressure UV lamp system
  • Advanced lamp efficiency and automatic flow pacing
  • 316L stainless steel electro polished vessel
  • Automatic “Smartdrive” wiper system and UV monitor
  • Quick release powerhead for easy lamp replacement
  • Touchscreen microprocessor control panel
  • Data logging, BMS, ethernet and modbus communication ready
SMP Range
SMP Range

The SMP range offers compact and high efficiency disinfection system for aquarium, aquaculture (medium and large ponds, lakes) and water feature applications with a range of flow rates from 23 to 1 000 m3/h with exceptional reliability and ease of operation. 

This UV system range has manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified.
The medium pressure lamps are powered by electronic ballasts. This system provides advanced lamp and vessel efficiency with a range of options including energy saving features, for disinfection and improved water quality. The lamps are inserted in pure quartz thimbles isolating them from the water. The lamps can be easily changed when indicated by the micro-processor control unit. A UV sensor is available in option to monitor UV intensity. The periodic maintenance of the system has been made very easy by allowing the removal of the full lamp assembly.
  • Safely control background levels of general bacteria
  • Significant improvement in water clarity and air quality
  • Simple control logic / easy to operate
  • Helps to inhibit the growth of algae
  • Savings in water, energy and chemical consumption
  • Low capital and installation costs, with minimal service and plant room space required
  • Low service requirements