Industrial process

Disinfecting of process water

It is absolutely vital to treat industrial process water, in accordance with strict standards. This water must be treated continuously and purified in order to avoid development of bacteria.

UV-C disinfection provides a means of treating process water without massive use of chemical products. The water quality is satisfactory and the UV-C lamps used for water treatment do not represent a hazard. BIO-UV water sterilisers guarantee appropriate UV-C treatment and water upkeep.


  • The treatment is simple to put into operation, and does not modify the physical or chemical characteristics of the water: no change in taste, smell, etc. The water quality is perfect
  • Does not create any disinfection by-products harmful to human health. The water treatment is guaranteed
  • There is no risk of insufficient or excess doses
  • No need to manage or handle chemical products
  • Possible to combine with other treatment processes (filtering, softening, etc.)
  • Advanced Oxidisation Treatment with presence of catalysts
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IBP+ Range
IBP+ Range
  • Excellent disinfecting performance by optimisation of UV emissions and of the hydraulic flow
  • Compact reactors, easy to install
  • Use of single-base lamps, patented sealing system and vertical design for an easy maintenance
  • Optional UV sensor and monitor offering data reporting by a diode and contact type alarm
  • Personalization of connection possible : DN flanges, clamps, etc
  • Advanced oxidation combination with catalysts
  • Lamp life optimized : up to 13 000 hours depending on the number of switchings on