Prevent any health risk

Treatment of cooling tower water and domestic hot water piping and in particular UV-C disinfection, make it possible to eliminate any risk of contamination by legionella. The UV-C lamp treatment technology developed by BIO-UV guarantees perfect water quality by eradicating bacteria.


Legionella are present everywhere in the environment.

They cause legionellosis.

They are found particularly in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping.  This is where they develop, and represent a real health hazard.

Production of aerosols contaminated by Legionella is a risk factor for public health.

Treatment of water in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping, and in particular UV-C disinfection, makes it possible to eliminate these risks. The technology used is based on the action of UV-C lamps for water treatment. It guarantees perfect water quality. The bacteria are eradicated, including those responsible for legionellosis.

Prevention of legionellosis in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping

To combat the real risk of legionellosis and guarantee perfect water quality in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping, BIO-UV has developed reactors designed to perform UV-C disinfection of this type of structure. This is a preventive treatment against legionella (responsible for legionellosis). 

By means of UV-C water treatment lamps, the UV-C treatment creates a true bacteriological barrier each time a risk factor is identified:

  • UV-C treatment of intake water
  • UV-C treatment of circulating water
  • UV-C treatment combined with treatment to prevent biofilms

UV-Cs to treat water in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping

UV-C disinfection used in cooling towers and domestic hot water piping makes it possible to prevent legionellosis by eliminating all the pathogenic micro-organisms (including those not destroyed by chlorine) by means of a reactor fitted with a UV-C water treatment lamp. Water quality is guaranteed, water treatment is safe.  

  • Effectiveness for preventive treatment of cooling towers and domestic hot water piping through targeted strategic use of UV-Cs adapted to each installation. Water treatment is performed in an optimal manner
  • Guarantee of continuous UV-C disinfection, possibly combined with other water treatment systems (anti-limescale, anti-corrosion, etc.)
  • Simple economical treatment (facilitated changing of UV-C water treatment lamp)
Discover our solutions
IBP range
IBP range
  • Excellent disinfecting performance by optimisation of UV emissions and of the hydraulic flow
  • Compact reactors, easy to install
  • Use of single-base lamps, patented sealing system and vertical design for an easy maintenance
  • Optional UV sensor and monitor offering data reporting by a diode and contact type alarm
  • Personalization of connection possible : DN flanges, clamps, etc
  • Advanced oxidation combination with catalysts
  • Lamp life optimized : up to 13 000 hours depending on the nuumber of switchings on
MP range
MP range
  • The MPEL range delivers 60 mJ at the end of the lamps’ life in order to guarantee optimum dechloramination
  • Treatment of high flow rates
  • Reactors made from micro-bitted and passivated 316L stainless steel, high resistance to the corrosion
  • Hydraulic « in line » inlet/outlet connections with nearly non-existent pressure loss
  • High power medium pressure and multiwavelenghts lamps for reducing the number of lamps installed
  • High frequency electronic ballast
  • UV sensor with PLC for management of efficiency parameters (in option : remote management via a 4-20mA output) providing a continuous measurement of the UV-C radiance intensity and a control of all operation and maintenance parameters
  • Temperature sensor within the electrical box and the reactor (in option), flow sensor
  • Lamp life : 9000 to 12000 hours
  • Power regulation : the medium pressure is the only technology which acts on the 3 chloramines (mono-, di-, and trichloramines) and which avoids risks of THM’s increases
  • MP TS Range : Touch Screen