The best water disinfection concept

BIO-UV Group, specialist in ultraviolet water treatment for 20 years,  has joined forces with Pool nd design O'Clear® and O'Clear® Elite. This 2 products combine both of the 2 best technologies on the market, UV and electrolysis, to guarantee a perfectly disinfected and disinfectant pool without the addition of chemicals! 

Dive into perfectly healthy and crystal clear water and adopt O'Clear®!

Système de traitement de l'eau de piscine O-clear de BIO-UV


The O'Clear® UV treatment guarantees high-performance disinfection at every pass.
Remanence in the basin is ensured by specific electrodes, especially designed to work with O'Clear® UV treatment and with only 0.5g/litre of salt. The disinfection system is controlled by filtration. The result: perfectly pure and healthy water.


  • The water perfectly disinfected (UV) and creating its own disinfecting effect (salt only 0,5g/liter)
  • One single salt bag is enough (compared to 7 to 10 for a conventional electrolysis)*
  • No more chloribne tablets
  • 100% automatic Plug and Play system
  • Easy to install and use
  • Low maintenance and care
  • Perfectly safe for bathers
  • Softness and comfort of crystal clear water
  • No risk of allergies
  • No chlorine smell, no salt taste
  • Reduced corrosion risks
  • Compatible with all types of basins and suitable
  • For shutter pools
  • Efficient, reliable and guaranteed treatment

*For a 50m3 pool.

O'Clear and O'Clear Elite, water treatment for swimming pool and spa

The process of UV

UV, at the wavelength of 254 nanometers, can eradicate all micro-organism present in the water (virus, bacteria, algae, mould, ...). They are absolutely safe for health. The water is disinfected as it passes through and everything happens inside the device where the natural phenomenon of UV occurs.