Values and commitments

Integrity, innovation, eco-responsibility, efficiency, flexibility and customer satisfaction

Integrity, honesty and transparency

Ever since the creation of the company in 2000, our successful development has been the fruit of our relationship with our customers, suppliers, investors and collaborators on the basis of the values of integrity, honesty and transparency. These are not just empty words: “we say what we do and we do what we say”, which is how all our departments work.

We have been able to build strong, long-term relationships with our ecosystem on the strength of these values.

Continuous innovation

The BIO-UV Group innovates continuously, developing relevant and efficient solutions to international water resource management issues.

UV-C treatment requires constant technical evolution and we are committed to providing our customers with competitive systems that are easy to install, use and maintain.

We have a long-term R&D investment plan - €11 million over 7 years - with our growing team of highly skilled and qualified engineers working to continuously optimize our systems and develop new ranges.

Sustainable and eco-friendly development

Water resource management and the negative impact of human activity are the core issues behind our activity. Our primary priorities are human health care and water resource preservation. This is why we are developing UV-based water treatment systems that are both harmless to human health and eco-friendly.

Effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction

The water treatment industry is subject to strict regulations with clear specifications. Consequently, we are totally uncompromising with regards to the efficiency and reliability of our systems.
Every single BIO-UV reactor is fully tested to ensure that it meets optimal efficiency and the strictest standards: our development is based on continuous improvement.

Every BIO-UV device features one or several UV-C certified lamps to ensure the most efficient water treatment with no risk to human health. Most of our systems are NSF and/or ÖNORM certified.

We are the only French company to provide ship’s ballast water treatment systems. These systems have been type approved by the two international bodies: IMO and USCG (USA). Only a handful of manufacturers in world (fewer than 20) hold these 2 certifications.

We are committed to providing our customers with simple and efficient UV disinfection solutions - their satisfaction is our primary concern.

The BIO-UV Group has been ISO 9001/2015 certified since 2010.

Flexibility, adaptability and reactivity

Building on over 20 years’ expertise in ultraviolet (UV-C) water treatment, we are able to offer flexible solutions that are adaptable to a very wide range of applications, to the satisfaction of our loyal customers.

Compared to our competitors, our reactiveness and flexibility make us an outstanding actor.

Every day, our engineers meet new requirements, developing on-demand and tailor-made solutions for diversified and complex applications.