Our commitments

Quality, innovation, disinfection and performance

Almost 20 years of experience in the ultraviolet water treatment (UV-C)

Each day, the design office and the engineers of BIO-UV Group respond to new requirements and are capable of manufacturing reactors to specific characteristics on request.

The UV treatment requires a continuous technical evolution. That is why we attach great importance to providing our customers withb accessible systems in terms of use and maintenance. Therefore, our disinfection solutions are always easier to use, but without any loss of efficiency, performance being our priority.

For example, in the case of private pools and spas, BIO-UV ultraviolet systems help maintain a standard water quality thanks to an easy filtration system equipment.

Our commitment : quality and result

We guarantee:

  • A constant innovation
  • The response to new needs (water purification, disinfection)
  • Efficiency and high performance solutions
  • Easy to use and maintenance systems
  • Reactivity and service
  • Quality and reliability to meet the strictest requirements and deliver the best possible results

BIO-UV Group continually maintains a process of progress and innovation in order to respond to all requests for water treatment throughout the world.