Our references

Discover our references in the UV-C water treatment for almost 20 years

Our customers are multiple, from public or private swimming pools, to communities, administrations, but also companies, shipyards and shipowners... They have all have been trusting us for almost 20 years !

Thanks to our experience, the continuity of our company and services, the variety and adaptability of our offers, our customers benefit from an effective, healthy and performing water treatment.



More than 70 000 residential pools and spas are already equipped with  BIO-UV UV-C water treatment around the world.


Some of our commercial pools across the world

BIO-UV’s installations provide incomparable water quality and water purification systems according to the water treatment latest quality and regulation standards.

BIO-UV has already installed more than 4000 dechloraminators in commercial and semi commercial pools through the world. More than 2000 systems for dechloramination equip commercial pools in France (Montpellier, Toulouse, Paris, ...).

Examples of commercial and semi commercial pools equipped with a BIO-UV dechloraminator :

  • Gold's Gym Fitness Center in Yerevan (Armenia)
  • Yale University (USA)
  • Peterland Aquatic Center of Saint Petersbourg (Russia)


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Montpellier Antigone Olympic swimming pool

UV-C water treatment is very interesting for municipalities whishing to supply their drinking water system with pure, healthy water and compliant with the directive of the French Ministry of Health Services in terms of bacteriological quality.

Many municipalities below have chosen UV-C disinfection for water treatment and drinking water.

  • More de 1500 municipalities (Sète, Mulhouse...) have already chosen the UV-C disinfection for their water treatment


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Bioantu fish pond, Chile

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Agadir treatment plant in Morocco