REUSE- Re-use of waste water

An additional water resource...
In the context of global expansion of recycling water, The French Government has established a law in August 2010, in order to legiferate the waters coming from reuse treatment, to be used for irrigation.
BIO-UV has developed sanitizers using the most advanced UV technologies for tertiary treatment by disinfecting municipal or industrial waste water.
BIO-UV treatment makes it possible to reuse the purified waste water for agricultural irrigation, spraying of green open spaces and golf courses, or for industrial processes (washing water etc.)
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RW Range
RW Range
  • UV monitoring sensor complying with Austrian standard ÖNORM providing correct continuous operation of the sanitizer
  • LCD display of UV intensity, remote management via a 4-20mA output
  • Personalization of reactors according to the installation, operation and maintenance constraints (diameter of flanges, inlet/outlet positioning)
  • Horizontal installation of the reactor
  • Single-base lamps and patented sealing system for an easy maintenance
  • Autimatic standard quartz wiper system without dismantling
  • Possibility of lamps power regulation
  • Lamp life : 16 000 hours