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Ultraviolet (UV) and salt water treatment system with o’clear

There is an innovation in the treatment of your swimming pool water ! Always in search of innovation, BIO-UV Group has launched a new concept of swimming pool water treatment combining the two best water disinfection technologies known on the market: the ultraviolet (UV-C) and the electrolysis.

By choosing UV-C and salt treatment system, you extend the happiness joy of bathing in a perfectly healthy and crystalline water! Don't wait anymore! dive into the new!




working principale of uv and salt treatment system

Persistence in the pool is ensured by specific electrodes specially designed to work with the O'Clear UV treatment slaved subjected to filtration. When water passes through the O’Clear system, the salt molecules are transformed into natural chlorine with disinfectant properties and then become salt again, with only 0.5g / liter of salt! This virtuous circle takes place continuously. By using an automatic pH regulator (optional) in addition to the O'Clear system, you fully automate the treatment of your swimming pool water. Your swimming pool

O'Clear operating diagram for UV and salt pool water treatment

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what are the benefits of uv and salt treatment system?

health: a safe swim

  • No risk of allergies or respiratory diseases for a fresh bathing experience
  • High performance disinfection to each pass for healthy water

Confortable: all the softness of pure water

  • No more itchy eyes, skin irritations, damaged hair! The water is perfectly disinfected and disinfectant without addition of corrosive or toxic chemicals
  • No chlorine smell in the water or in the air
  • No salt taste

ecology: an innovation for sustainable development

  • Safe process, without chlorine
  • Clean waste water 

Cost efficiency: a 100% automatic, easy and reliable concept

  • Very long lamp life (13,000 hours depending on number of ignitions)
  • 1 single bag of salt is necessary, that is 7 times less than a conventional electrolyzer!
  • Treatment is non corrosive for extended installations life
  • No overuse or overdose of chemicals
  • Requires little maintenance and servicing
  • System suitable for all kinds of basins and swimming pools with shutters

discover our solution!

O'Clear le meilleur concept de désinfection de l'eau de piscine du marché alliant les UV et électrolyse

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