Waste water

Guarantee pollution-free discharges

BIO-UV has developed water treatment devices that use the most advanced UV-C disinfection technologies for tertiary treatment using disinfection of discharged water and municipal or industrial waste water.

An environment-friendly and economical process

The BIO-UV treatment protects the environment downstream of the discharge (treatment of sewage plant water), in particular zones dedicated to bathing, white water sports, fishing and aquaculture.

The water treatment makes it possible to discharge water into the natural environment that is of sufficiently high quality to avoid damaging the environment.

Appropriate solutions 

BIO-UV proposes the low pressure technology and different types of UV-C reactors (closed or open channel) to adapt according to the water treatment objectives and the installation and maintenance requirements. In certain cases preliminary filtering (on sand bed) may prove to be necessary.

Devices devised and designed for disinfection

UV-C disinfection provided by the UV-C reactors makes it possible to treat waste water in tertiary treatment, i.e. treatment of sewage plant water.

Continuous water treatment and immediate effectiveness of UV-C disinfection:

Bacteriological removal is carried out in the water disinfection system: there is therefore no need to allow for a contact time after the UV-C device.

  • No disinfection by-products are created that could pollute the environment or limit re-use of waste water (this is the case with chlorine or ozone)
  • Simple and economical technology in terms of investment and running costs, in particular compared to membrane systems
  • Automated maintenance and cleaning of quartz sheaths to guarantee effectiveness of the BIO-UV equipment
  • Continuous verification of the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection with remote management to meet operational needs

Low pressure: appropriate characteristics for waste water treatment

Advantages are the following:

  • power regulation according to the water quality or flow rate
  • reactors personalizing
  • automatic wiper system of quartz sleeves

Each BIO-UV reactor used as part of waste water treatment in tertiary treatment or treatment of sewage plant water guarantees non-polluting discharges.

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Waste water treatment plant in Agadir (Morocco)
Waste water treatment plant in Agadir (Morocco)