A complementary water resource that guarantees pollution-free discharges

Over the past ten years, the reuse of wastewater (REUSE) has developed very rapidly around the world. However, its development remains unequal between each country or state. Australia, California, Cyprus, Spain, Florida, Israel, Jordan, Malta or Singapore are among the most advanced countries with the objective of meeting 10 to 60% of their water needs by reuse of purified wastewater.

REUSE becomes essential to face geopolitical tensions linked to needs which will increase and a water resource which will become scarce.


REUSE ultraviolet wastewater recycling Expert in ultraviolet water treatment for over 20 years, BIO-UV Group has developed innovative systems using the most advanced UV-C technology for tertiary treatment by disinfecting municipal or industrial wastewater.
After the treatment in a wastewater treatment plant, rather than discharging water into the natural environment, the wastewater will undergo additional purification by UV treatment. The treated wastewater can be used for spraying of green open spaces or golf courses, for agricultural irrigation, for fighting fires, for washing cars or for industrial processes (washing water, etc. .).

BIO-UV treatments protects the environment downstream of the discharge (treatment of sewage plant water), in particular zones dedicated to bathing, white water sports, fishing and aquaculture.

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RW range system of disinfection by ultraviolets bio-uv groupFor wastewater treatment, BIO-UV Group offers a complete range, the RW range, made up of low pressure technology and different types of UV-C reactors (closed or open channel) to adapt according to the water treatment objectives and the installation and maintenance requirements. In certain cases preliminary filtering (on sand bed) may prove to be necessary.

Our devices are designed and designed for water disinfection. The treatment is continuous and the effectiveness is immediate! Indeed, the bacteriological removal is carried out in the water disinfection system. There is therefore no need to allow for a contact times after the UV-C device.

Advantages are the following:

  • No disinfection by-products are created that could pollute the environment or limit re-use of waste water (this is the case with chlorine or ozone)
  • Simple and economical technology in terms of investment and running costs, in particular compared to membrane systems
  • The reactors can be customized and the power can be regulated according to the quality of the water or the flow,
  • Automated maintenance and cleaning of quartz sheaths to guarantee effectiveness of the BIO-UV equipment
  • Continuous verification of the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection with remote management to meet operational needs

For agriculture, BIO-UV also offers a range of specific irrigation systems, in particular for irrigation water and greenhouse water. The IBP + range and the DW range are offered to industry and greenhouse agriculture for the disinfection of raw feed water or the disinfection of drainage water.

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REUSE reuse of wastewater for the WWTP of Bonifacio and Sperone to irrigate the golf courses of SperoneREUSE reuse of wastewater for the WWTP of Bonifacio and Sperone to irrigate the golf courses of Sperone